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Welcome To Nature Connections

Now Wilder Life Wellbeing forest school is on temporary hold, I thought it would be important that we all continue to stay connected to the wonderful nature all around us. At Wilder Life Wellbeing CIC our forest school children are real nature lovers and adventurers so I will try to offer ideas each day to keep you connected to the stimulating and healing natural world. Spending time outside is proven to be excellent for our physical health, mental well-being, as well as being totally free! Just remember to follow the Government’s social distancing rules.

Nature Connections is the name of our new daily blog (Monday to Fridays) and although we are all missing forest school and each other there are lots of brilliant activities you can try. Some will be new ideas and some will be old favourites. I will give 3 activity ideas each day: one for when you are out in a garden or out and about on your walk in the park, woods, beach or on the marsh or Downs and one that can be done inside. 

So here is my first Nature Connections activity post. Enjoy and stay connected and healthy. Best wishes and blue skies. Helen Stringfellow (Forest School Leader).

Out and about – Why not try tracking and trailing? If you are walking with your family, split into two groups. One group goes ahead and lays a trail on the ground (this could be with stick arrows or if you are on the beach it could be with only white pebbles). You could hide a piece of treasure at the end of the trail- this could be a special stick, stone, something yummy or even yourselves! Tell the other group to wait and give you a 10 minute start and then they have to track the trail to the end and find the treasure.

In the garden – Wool worm challenge. Cut 20 pieces of wool or string into different ‘worms’ lengths anything between 30-50cm. Hide the string around the garden. If playing with young ones, use brightly coloured wool so it is easily seen, if they are older then use a colour which can easily camouflage. Split into two teams. Both teams have to find 10 wool worms and lay them end to end. The winning team is the one who has the longest giant worm. This can be adapted for older children where they have to tie the worms together using a reef knot. Points can then be given for length of worm and strength of the knotted worm.

Inside at home – wool worm challenge. This game can be played exactly as above indoors.

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