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Nature Connections 63 - #BigOutdoorArtChallenge

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

This week, why not take part in #BigOutdoorArtChallenge? It is a national challenge during Children’s Art Week (7th – 12th July) inspiring children to explore nature and use natural materials to create an art masterpiece. 

1.Collect natural items from around the garden, beach or local park- leaves, sticks, grass, seeds,berries, petals, stones, pebbles,bark, small branches of greenery, shells, seed pods etc.

2. Place your nature items in a pile - you can add sand, mud, chalk, rope and arrange them in patterns, textures, colours or pictures. There are no rules for what to create, anything goes! It can be very large or very small, 3D or 2D.

Take a photograph of the artwork and uploaded it to Instagram.

REMEMBER to include: name of the school


year group of the child(ren)


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