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Nature Connections 9 - Barefoot Walking, Natural dyes

Challenge 1 – Try eating nettles! This challenge requires adult supervision throughout.

Making nettle crisps – Find a patch of nettles (away from the road and from where dogs walk)! Stinging nettles can sting so grab some thick gloves and take the leaves from the top of the plant. Remember nettles are great for wildlife, particularly butterflies so only take what you need.

Wash nettles thoroughly. Heat small amount of sunflower oil in a frying pan and drop in the nettles, fry for a few minutes until they start to crisp. Place on a piece of kitchen roll to cool. Sprinkle with salt or black pepper. Enjoy! Nettles are rich in Vitamin C so good for you too.

Challenge 2 – Go on a barefoot walk

Feeling the earth through our bare feet isn’t just a fun idea but quite literally a grounding experience. First check the area you are walking on for sharp objects, dog poo or litter. Remove your shoes and socks and walk slowly through different terrain. Allow yourself to experience the world through the sense of touch through focussing only on your feet. You may want to explore grass, pebbles, mud, sand, leaves or water. Did each area feel like you expected? What surprised you? Which terrain did you prefer?

Challenge 3 – Be an urban bird detective

How many can you find looking out your window, in the garden or when you are on your exercise walk?  Why not use this Bird ID sheet from Sussex Wildlife Trust to help you identify what you are seeing?

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