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Nature Connections 7 - Cloud Watching a nature game and animal yoga

Today take a moment to look up at the sky. We often spend much of our day looking straight ahead or down but just for a little while, why not spend a little time watching the sky and see a different point of view? You could even lie down and relax on the ground to see the sky.

Out and about – ‘Wolf and Deer’ game

Today I thought you might be feeling ready for a game. This is a forest school favourite ‘Deer and Wolf’. It is really a nature spin on ‘Hide and Seek’. The people hiding are the deer and must hide separately from each other. The wolf is the seeker. Once the deer are all hidden (count to 30) the wolf howls loudly to let the deer know they are coming. Once a deer has been found, they become a wolf and join the wolf pack to hunt until everyone has been found. The last deer hiding is the winner.

In the garden – Cloud Watching

 Lay down on your back and have your ‘Sit Spot’ relaxing on the ground. Feel the earth supporting your body and allow yourself to sink down into it. You can lay on a coat or a blanket if you prefer. Why not take a moment or two to just look up at the sky and see what you can see? Are there any clouds? Birds flying? What type? You can even use a small mirror on the ground to reflect the sky above so you just look at small window at a time.

See below for a few of the different types of cloud and what they might tell you about the weather.

1. Cirrus – Cirrus clouds are high level clouds that are thin and wispy. They appear during good weather. 

2. Nimbostratus – These are thick, dark gray middle level to low level clouds. They usually bring rain or snow.

3. Stratus – Stratus clouds are low level clouds that are flat and tend to cover much of the sky. They are gray in color and may produce light rain or drizzle.

4. Cumulus – Cumulus clouds are low to mid-level clouds. They are big, white, puffy, and beautiful clouds. They usually mean good weather.

5. Cumulonimbus – Cumulonimbus clouds are very tall clouds that span all the way from low level to high level. They can cause violent thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail, and even tornadoes.

Inside at home – Wildlife Yoga 

Here are some fab yoga poses for you to try – combining connecting with nature and exercise. Just great! Thank you Sussex Wildlife Trust for this activity idea.

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