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Nature Connections 34 - Day 1 going wild!

I am hoping that you have managed to get out and enjoy the incredible weather and nature that we have been experiencing this past week. It really is extremely welcome as lockdown eases and yet continues.

This month I will be posting one 'Random Act of Wildness' taken from the Sussex Wildlife Trust's '30 Days Wild' programme. This is the fifth year that they have been running it and at forest school the children and I always enjoy exploring the different ideas.I hope you do to.

Day 1 - see card above

Here are some ideas from Sussex Wildlife Trust for activities on day 1:

  • Get up close to some critters and look closely at a flower or plant and see how many insects you can find.

  • Plant pollinator- friendly plants in your garden.

  • Listen to bird song.

  • Smell a flower.

  • Follow a bumble bee as it ambles around your garden or green space.

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