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Nature Connections 31 - Explore By Bike, Camp in the Garden & Plant Labels

Today the forecast is hot and sunny. It’s the perfect weather to get out on your bike or scooter, as well as go camping in your garden. You don’t need a tent, why not be a brave explorer and sleep under the stars!

Out and About – Exploring by bike

One very positive result from lockdown has been that roads are quieter and therefore safer. This in turn have meant that people have been using their bicycles more confidently to get around. Cycling is not only a greener way to travel as it produces no pollution but it has the added benefits of being free and good for our physical health. This week, why not try exploring your town or city by bike? You can travel further and see more than if you are walking. 

In the Garden – Camping outside

Camping outdoors is no.3 on the National Trust’s list of ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’.

While you are outdoors, why not watch the sunset (no.49) then go stargazing (no. 27)? Or you could set your alarm to get up for the sunrise (no.23).

What can you hear?

As you go to sleep, make the most of this quiet moment when your eyes are closed, your body is relaxed and you can focus on what you can hear. Are there rustlings? That could be a hedgehog. Is an owl waking up and hooting a ‘good evening’? 

As the sun rises, you’ll be greeted with the sounds of bird song and the dawn chorus. The birds (probably thrushes, blackbirds, robins and chaffinches) will start their cheery dawn chorus, as early as 3am in summer!

Staying at Home – Make plants labels

If you have been growing plants from seed it can be difficult to remember what you’ve planted and where – especially when all the action is happening underground! Recycled plant labels are a fun and easy solution. They’re also useful for naming existing plants. You can add pictures or even facts about the plants you are growing. Can you fins their Latin name?


• Felt tip pens

• Cardboard and sticky tape

• Plastic bottle strips or similar

• Scissors


1) Cut cardboard into your desired shape for a plant label. This could be a fun shape like a butterfly or flower or a simple rectangle – just remember it needs to be big enough to write on.

2) Write on your plant name in felt-tip. You could give the plant a mythical name, a new nickname, find out its latin name (or make up a new one!)

3) Make the cardboard label waterproof by covering it with sticky tape or a layer of PVA glue.

4) Carefully, cut your recycled plastic into strips to make pointy stakes to go in the soil.

5) Attach your label to the stake and place in a visible place that everyone can see.

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