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Nature Connections 23 - Watch the Sunset, Make a Boggart and Mini Rafts

The weather has been so kind to us all throughout Lockdown and it would probably have felt a lot more challenging without the blue skies and warm sunshine we have enjoyed. Tonight, why not go on your exercise walk in the evening to experience a totally magical sunset?

Out and About – Watch the Sunset

Tonight will be a great opportunity to go for your exercise walk in the evening and take advantage of the warmer weather to watch the sun set. This is a special time of the day when the colours and  sounds all change dramatically. During sunset, the sky turns shades of orange, red and pink and keep a look out for the wildlife. Some animals will be going to sleep, while others are just waking up.

To see it you’ll need to find somewhere with a view to the west – that’s the direction in which the sun goes down every day. A good spot could be a garden, a park, a beach or even a bedroom window. Check what time the sun is due to set where you live. You should try to get into position before this time so that you can see the whole event.

In the Garden  – Make a Boggart

This is a firm favourite at forest school with children of all ages. All you need is a stick and a ball of clay or sticky mud to form the head and body of your Boggart, the rest is up to you. You can use any found natural objects- feathers, small leaves, stones, twigs moss etc to create the face, beard, hair or wings of your imaginative woodland creature. Try making a Boggart home as well.

Staying at Home – Make a mini Raft

This is a great activity for using your recycling. You will need string, scissors, tape and plastic recycling pots and bottles. Junk model a raft/boat out of your recycled plastic and see if it can float in the bath or a sink. You could add a mast and sail and using only wind (blowing) power have a race with another raft to the other side. You could even add a passenger (lego figure, Playmobile person). Can your raft carry its passenger safely across the water and keep it dry?

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