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Nature Connections 21 - Climb and roll down a hill, Sun Pictures and Daisy Chains

Today is a great day for making good use of the sun. Look at the ‘Staying at Home’ activity and set it up for the next few days. You might like to take a bag with you on your exercise walk today so you can gather some small natural objects to work with.

Out and About – climb a hill and roll down.

If you are lucky enough to live near a hilly area and here in Eastbourne we have the stunning South Downs right on our doorstep, then today’s ‘Out and About’ activity is great fun. However, even a steep slope in a park will work just as effectively. Climb up to the top of the hill to see a whole new perspective on your local environment. It is always surprising how far you can see on a clear day.

To reward yourself for the steep climb, explore the joy of barrel rolling down a steep slope. Remember to check for sharp stones, sticks, litter or dog poo before you start! Take a deep breath and enjoy the thrill!

In the garden – Make a Daisy Chain

Did you know?That the name daisy literally means ‘day’s eye’ and is one of the UK’s most common and familiar wild flowers. 

Try it – Pick about 20 daisies, leaving the stalk as long as you can. Then use your fingernails to split each stalk halfway along and thread the next daisy through the gap. Carry on until you have made enough for a bracelet, necklace or a crown. This is a relaxing and mindful activity which has some pleasing results.

Staying at Home – Sun Pictures

Sun pictures are made when you use dark coloured sugar paper and arrange natural objects onto it to create a picture. Then leave the picture on a sunny window sill for a few days in strong sunlight. The sun will fade the exposed sugar paper and then once removed, the natural objects will leave their shaped forms on the paper (like a shadow). If you don’t have any sugar paper at the moment then creating pictures with natural objects is a fun activity in itself.

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