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Nature Connections 17 - Snail Racing, Maths Walk and Sensory Game

Today there are a mixture of games and to explore. When you are out and about on your exercise walk you will need to do some foraging. Foraging is the word given to collecting things, from the natural world, to use. You can forage for natural resources anywhere outside: in parks, gardens, woodlands, hedgerows and beaches.

Out and About – A Mathematical Walk & foraging 

While you are on your exercise walk today, why not set some maths challenges of estimation and then measuring just for fun? Here are a few example questions to start you thinking about how maths can be explored whilst you are on a walk.

• How many steps do you think there are to the end of the road? (estimate) Then count them! Ask everyone who is walking with you to estimate and see who was the closest.

• Now you have a rough idea of how many steps to a set distance, can you estimate how far it is to the shop/park? Then measure this (can start with counting steps, you might progress to using a step counter on your phone).

• Can we jump on every pavement slab? Count how many jumps, progress to counting in 2’s, 5’s or 10’s.

• Can you find (2,5,10) cones? (or snails, feathers etc) how many groups can we we find? How many did we find all together?

• What shapes can we see? (circles, triangles, squares etc) progress this to 3D (cube, sphere, prism)

While you are on your walk today, you could also try some more foraging natural objects which you can use later for the ‘What’s in the Bag?’ activity below. These could be: a feather, pine cone, pebble or stone, a twig, some moss, or an empty snail shell.

In the garden – Snail Racing 

Today we are making the most of the recent damp weather as it is perfect for snail racing. Remember to always treat all living creatures with care and respect. Once you have raced your snails or slugs, ensure they are placed gently back into a shady part of the garden for a well earned rest.

Staying at home – What’s in the Bag?

This is a lovely sensory and descriptive game. First, place the objects into a bag. The first player places their hand into the bag and selects on object. Without removing the object, they describe it to the other players, describing only what they can feel. When someone correctly guesses the object, it is removed from the bag and the person who guessed correctly becomes the next person to describe. This game can be played with any objects, if you are not able to leave the house at all.

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