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Nature Connections 12 - Tree Climbing and Beetle Drives

Today it is Earth Day 2020! At 10-12pm there is a live broadcast for a special broadcast with the Environment Agency about creating a better place for people and wildlife! Follow this link to watch:

Out and about – Tree climbing

Climbing a tree is a brilliant way to explore a tree and its surrounding area from a different perspective. only go as high as you feel comfortable and safe to do so. Even climbing a metre high off the ground can be exciting and change your view of the space around you. If you stay really quiet, you may even be able to see some birds quite close up. 

There are a few safety rules that we follow at forest school and these should be considered when you are climbing a tree at home. Ensure an adult has given you permission so they are aware that you are tree climbing.

Safety rules

  • Only climb a tree when it is dry (wet bark is slippery).

  • Take off any loose clothing: scarves, gloves etc.

  • Check the branch is living (look for leaf buds or leaves for a strong, living branch).

  • Test out the strength of the branch before putting all your weight onto it.

  • Do not help anyone to climb up a tree, if they can climb up independently and safely, they can also get down. 

In the garden – Natural Resources Beetle Drive

See the information and  rules below but instead of drawing the beetle you can collect natural materials to create the different parts.

Staying at home– Beetle Drive

Did you know? Beetles are a very common species and in the UK there are 4072 species!  They are found in almost every habitat except the sea and the polar regions. Beetles often feed on plants and fungi, break down animal and plant debris, and eat other invertebrates.

How to play– You will need paper, pencil and a die.

If you throw a 1 it means you can draw the head, a 2 for the thorax (the body part between the head and main body), 3 for the abdomen (stomach), 4 for the legs (there are 6 of these), 5 for the antenna (there are 2) and 6 for the wings (there are 2).

The first to complete their beetle is the winner.

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