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Nature Connections 11 - Nature Games

There are lots of different fun nature connection games you can play and here are three to try out today.

Out and about – Find This treasure hunt

While you are out on your daily exercise walk, why not try to find as many of these different natural things as possible?

  1. A leaf with an odd number of points.

  2. A stick twice as long as your foot.

  3. Something the same colour as an item of your clothing.

  4. Four different green things.

  5. A tree smaller than you.

  6. Something really interesting.

  7. A stick less than 30cm

  8. Something spikey

  9. A plant growing in the pavement.

  10. A dandelion, daisy and a forget -me -not.

In the garden – Duck and Fox (stalking game)

This is a game of stealth and stalking. It can be played with two people or a group.

The ‘duck’ stands still on the spot and is blindfolded; they have an ‘egg’ which they are trying to protect (this can be anything; a stone, stick or clothes peg etc). The other players are the ‘foxes’ and are trying to steal the egg; they stand in a line a few metres away. They take it in turns to attempt to creep up on the duck and steal the egg. If the duck hears the fox creeping up on them they point to where they think the fox is. If they are correct the fox has to return back to their starting point and try again. 

Staying at home – Stone/pine cone Takeaway

You need 21 natural objects: stones, pebbles, shells, pine-cones or similar. Place all 21 in a line between you and your opponent. Take it in turns to remove 1 or 2 stones at a time. Repeat until the last stone is left. The winner is the one who removes the final stone. It uses strategy, planning and problem-solving.

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