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Nature Connections 10 - Adventure Sticks, Sound Maps, Spring Watch

Welcome back to our daily Nature Connections blog. I hope you had a chance to relax and explore over the past two weeks. Nature is continuing doing her Spring thing and it is wonderful to see the changes happening daily. Here are three ideas for you to try out.

Out and about – adventure sticks

When you are next out and about on an exercise walk, find a sturdy ‘Adventure Stick’. These are the kind of sticks that help you climb a steep hill, poke at interesting stuff but best of all enable you to explore the deepest puddles. Adventure Sticks are great everyday but you might just want to save it for a rainy one.

In the garden- Sound maps

Find a spot, sit quietly – use a piece of cardboard/paper and a pen. Mark yourself in the centre of the cardboard then draw or write down all that you hear in the next 5 minutes and identify where in the space they are around you. 

Staying at home – Spring Watch and record.

Can you record the changes in your garden or the park over the next few weeks and record them in a diary. Is there any blossom? Can you see any buds coming out? Are there any flowers – what colour are they? Can you see any butterflies or bees? You might like to record when you see the ‘first thing’ on this website. Scientists have been recording when different species first appear for years.

Can you add your findings to this website? 

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