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Nature Connections 3

Welcome back to the Nature Connections blog; I hope you’ve had a peaceful weekend and managed to get outside to feel the powerful and rather chilly wind. Today is another windy and dry day but that northerly wind is going to feel cool again, so wrap up if you’re going out. Today’s photo was taken from laying underneath the wild cherry tree down our road – it’s something I have done every spring, initially with my daughter Lily (when she was little)  but now she’s too embarrassed, on my own. I just love the feeling of being surrounded by the beautiful pink light, it only lasts a week or two so now is the time to find a blossom tree. The National Trust is launching ‘Blossom Watch’ this year, which encourages people to celebrate the blossom season. It is based on Hanami, the ancient Japanese tradition of viewing and celebrating blossom as the first sign of spring.

Here are the Nature Connections activities for today:

Out and about – As you go for your walk today, try to find as many different blossom trees and hedges as you can. What colour are they? Lay underneath or even take a photo of one if you can. You could even share it on the school parent FaceBook page for others to enjoy, who aren’t able to go out. Keep an eye out for sticks and bring some home. These are always forest school treasure for kindling but this week we can use them in other Nature Connection activities. Collect as many as you can carry.

In the garden – Dig a mud pit. This is always a hugely popular activity with children (less so with some adults)! Grab a trowel, spade or thick stick and find somewhere in the garden where you are allowed to dig. Be like an archeologist and dig in the mud and see what you can discover. It might be earthworms, beetles, ants or perhaps an interesting stone or even forgotten treasure! You could then sketch your discoveries.

Inside at home – look out the window and see if you can spot any blossom, can you identify which blossom they are? Go to the National Trust Website for blossom ID.If you can’t see any blossom from your window, use the beautiful photos from the National Trust website ‘Blossom Watch’ and why not draw your favourite blossom?

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