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Nature Connections 29 - Grass Music, Clay Faces & Butterfly Feeders

This week there are lots of activities for you to have a go at. Some of the ‘Out and About’ activities are now able to include those which mean you can sit and relax outside. This is due to the change in lockdown information and means we can go out and just sit to enjoy the natural world, without always having to keep moving. Why not stop and sit and enjoy a more relaxed nature connection.

Out and About Blowing grass music

Play your favourite song using a blade of grass.

Hold a blade of grass tightly between your two thumbs. Blow gently into the gap between your thumbs until you hear a whistle.

Remember to choose a long, flat blade of grass away from litter and dog poo!

In the garden – Clay Faces

This is a wonderful and creative activity which is not only enjoyable to make but a lovely surprise if you leave them on tree or walls for others to see. You will need some air dry clay and any found natural materials. If you don’t have any clay, you could always use mud.

Staying at home – Make a Butterfly feeder

You will need:

  • 1 x small shallow recycled plastic container with a rim.

  • 4 x pieces of garden twine or string 40cm long

  • Hole punch or scissors

  • Images you like from a magazine 

  • PVA glue and a brush

  • Small tin of outdoor varnish (to make your feeder weatherproof)

  • Sugar water (2 parts water to 1part sugar, dissolve sugar in boiling water and let cool)

  • Small sponge to fit the bottom of your bowl, you can use cut up scouring sponges.


1. Use the hole punch or scissors to make four holes equal distance around the rim of the bowl.

2. Cover the sides and bottom of your container in cut out images from your favourite magazines and glue them around the sides of the container.

4. Whilst the glue is drying pass the four lengths of string/twine through the four holes in the rim and secure with a small knot.

5. Tie the four lengths of string/twine together at the top making sure you leave a loop to hang the feeder.

6. Coat the sides (and bottom if needed) of the container with varnish. This will stop the rain from ruining the images.

7. Take the sponge and dip it in the sugar water, soaking it up, then place inside the bottom of the container.

8. Hang up in the garden away from the house and main paths; other insects will be attracted to the sugar water.

Once you have made your butterfly feeder you can hopefully enjoy a bit of butterfly spotting from your garden or through the window.

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