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Nature Connections 2

Today is another beautiful sunny Spring day and is perfect for a ‘Sit Spot’. At forest school we always start each session with a ‘Sit Spot’. This is where we take ourselves off to be on our own and to notice nature. At forest school we spend 3 minutes just sitting or lying down and being still. Then we come back together and share what we noticed about nature. When we stop and look and listen we allow ourselves the time to ‘tune in’ to nature and it is always incredibly exciting when we come back together and share our experiences with each other. There is always a huge range of different things. Where you are and what you notice will change every time, depending on the time of day, the weather and how long you spend. You don’t need to do a sit spot with anyone else and share what you noticed but it can be interesting to hear what different people saw, heard, felt or smelt. Use all your senses.While you are outside, keep a look out for the first bees and butterflies flying around and visiting the early Spring flowers and blossom. 

Out and about – build a den. If you are in a park or woodland there will be plenty of fallen deadwood on the ground after all our wild storms this winter. Create your own habitat to play and relax in and try out a ‘Sit Spot’.

In the garden – build a mini den for your cat, rabbit or teddy to explore. If you are lucky enough to have a tree nearby you can collect sticks for this. If not, try building a fun size den for you from garden furniture, sheets and pegs. Eat a snack and enjoy a sit spot from your secret hideout.

Inside at home – A ‘Sit Spot’ is a great way to connect with nature, even from looking out the window. If possible, open the window so you can hear and also feel and smell the nature outside. An indoor den can easily be built from chairs, tables and a sheet, duvet or blanket. Furnish your den with cushions to make it really cosy and curl up with a good book.
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