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Nature Connections 16 - Puddle Jumping, Welly Boot Throwing & Wild Weaving Looms

Today our sunny weather bubble may have burst but that is always exciting as when it rains , it brings puddles! Remember, there really is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! So find a waterproof and welly boots, if you have them, and get outside and notice the difference in the temperature and the experience. Enjoy!

Out and About – Puddle Jumping and foraging

There is nothing new nor few things more enjoyable than splashing in a big puddle. On your walk today see who can find the largest or deepest puddle or make the biggest splash. Why not take your adventure stick and a pencil so you can measure the depth of each puddle to see which is the deepest? Above all, have fun.

If you would like to do some wild weaving once you are back home, take a bag with you and collect as many found leaves, thin springy sticks, stalks, feathers, sheep wool, long grass or ivy. 

In the Garden – Welly throwing

You will need: one welly boot for each player and rope or a long stick as a starting line. Make sure you have enough space in your throwing are so you don’t break anything.

How to play: All players must stand behind the playing line (a long stick or rope). Each player takes it in turn to throw their welly and wait until all players have thrown their boot. Once everyone has thrown then each player stands by their well boot. First place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points and 3rd place 1 point. Gather up the boot and go back to the throwing line and start again.

Staying at home – Wild weaving looms

You will need: a piece of A5 sized cardboard from a cereal packet or box, scissors, wool or string, sticky tape.

Make your loom by cutting V shaped notches, spaced regularly along the top edge of your cardboard. Repeat along the bottom edge.

Stick one end of the wool or string to one end of the card and wind the wool around the cardboard vertically from top to bottom notches along the card. This creates the warp threads of the loom.

Using the found leaves, long grasses and stalks etc, weave them across the warp threads to weave them into your loom.

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